School loan comes to aid for disadvantaged families

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The school loan comes to aid for disadvantaged families who cannot access educational contributions due to excess income in terms of ISEE or due to lack of availability of funds, it is therefore a sort of micro-financing or small loan.

According to data released, each family spends an average of 450 euros per child in school age, which becomes 750 in the case of dictionaries and books of upper secondary school, up to 900 euros for institutions that want special equipment for the research and technical or scientific study.

School Loan: Law on scholastic contributions

School Loan

With such high amounts, the families in which there are more children of school age must be able to access these loans, together with the public school contributions sanctioned by the law 448 of 1998 from the banking institutions on the basis of the income and of a certain measure according to the income thresholds.

In fact, every year the Italian Regions provide municipalities with funds for families to cover all or part of the costs of purchasing textbooks and school materials with maximum amounts payable based on specific income requirements and the availability of funds.

Dote of the Lombardy Region


These contributions may consist of funds or vouchers for the purchase of school textbooks present in participating shops, such as for example the “Dote Scuola” project of the Lombardy Region intended for families with Isee less than 15480 euros which bears school costs through vouchers to be used in participating stores. The school loan usually does not have a high interest rate, on the contrary it often has a zero rate, with sums paid ranging from 250 euros onwards and it is a purposeful loan.

Italian post


To obtain the loan, it is sufficient to present the documentation necessary to certify the ISEE and the registration of the child at an educational institution with an identity document. There are many offers currently on the market in this regard. An example is the “ Banco Posta Studi” loan of Poste Italiane with which liquidity can be obtained depending on the student’s school needs and school age. In particular, for an elementary student the funding can reach 1000 euros, for a student of lower or upper secondary schools it can reach 2000 euros, for a student of the university you can get from 3000 to 5000 euros; the subsidized interest rate is 6.9% and the amortization schedule ranges from 12 to 24 months.

Other school loans

Other school loans

On the other hand, offered the small zero-rate school loan called the “BPM book loan”, with which you can get a loan from 250 euros upwards with a repayment plan up to 8 months; the loan was conceived in order to make education a right for everyone.

It allows to obtain up to 3000 euros repayable between 12 and 48 months with a fixed rate and with the possibility of postponing one installment per year. Offers a loan of books from 500 to 1000 euros repayable in 18 months at zero rate; Offers a loan for books from 500 to 1000 euros repayable in 18 months at zero rate;  offers a zero-rate book loan with an 18-month amortization plan ranging from 500 euros to 1000 euros.


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