Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: Responsibility?

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In this article we will provide you with all the information necessary for more and complete information regarding the guarantee signature for a loan or a loan. The topics covered are:

  1. liability of the guarantor
  2. when it has to intervene
  3. how to obtain new liquidity through a loan, if the current one is not regularly repaid
  4. how to check if you are reported in Crif
  5. debt collection: how to manage the issue
  6. release of the guarantee signature, when possible

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: Responsibility and opportunity for those signing a guarantee

Payday Loan

The guarantor signature in the Personal Payday Loan is an action to be evaluated very carefully. Who as guarantor for a Personal Payday Loan or in general in loans is bound for the entire duration of the same; for this reason the guarantor will have to worry:

– that the Personal Payday Loan is paid regularly every month

– to pay the installments, if the applicant for the Personal Payday Loan is not able.

Often the guarantor of a Personal Payday Loan underestimates these two aspects, in particular it does not require updates to the Personal Payday Loan applicant about the regular amortization of the loan. 

The financial company that provided the Personal Payday Loan does not notify the guarantor of the non-payment or late payment of the loan installments; it is the responsibility of the guarantor himself to ascertain the punctuality of the payment of Personal Payday Loan installments. In the event that the applicant for the loan is no longer willing, by choice or availability, to pay the installments of the Personal Payday Loan , the guarantor will have to pay the installments for the entire duration of the amortization.

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: When should he intervene?

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: When should he intervene?

As mentioned above, the guarantor is responsible for verifying the regular amortization of the outstanding loan and, in the event of default by the first applicant, to pay the individual installments by the deadline set by the loan agreement. This will have to last, if necessary, for the entire duration of the loan. In a nutshell, the guarantor must guarantee full financial solvency to the bank or the bank, in compliance with the signed agreement.

In the event that the guarantor pays one or more installments , if he deems it necessary, he may request the first applicant to return the advance payment. The financial or bank will not enter into the merits of this decision, it will take care to notify the guarantor of any default of the first applicant.

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: When is it reported?

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: When is it reported?

If a loan or loan is not paid at the monthly due in the amortization plan , all the people involved in the loan will be reported in the databases as bad payers . This report will also affect the guarantor who may be registered in these black lists for indirect responsibility. As we will see in the next points, being reported as a bad payer can reduce the possibility of access to credit.

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: If the Personal Payday Loan is not paid, can I get a new loan?

For those reported as bad payers there is the possibility of obtaining new liquidity ; this solution is only for employees employed on permanent contracts and for pensioners. 

It is sufficient to fill in the little information in the contact form; within 24 hours one of our experts will be in direct contact with you to verify the concrete possibility of satisfying your money needs. The request is free and without obligation; Your data, processed in compliance with the current privacy regulations, will not be reported to credit databases.

You will have a personal consultant who will follow you step by step, until you receive your new loan. With him you can also arrange a consultation at home.

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: How to check if I am reported?

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: How to check if I am reported?

Below is a link to one of our articles in which we provide various information related to this topic. Verifying the actual reporting in the databases is certainly a certification with respect to one’s credit profile in the databases. Being a possible penalty with respect to the possibility of obtaining a new Personal Payday Loan. we advise, if there are any doubts, to ascertain your position.

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: How to manage debt collection?

When a loan or loan is not paid, the guarantor also has to bear the pressures of debt collection companies . These, having acquired the credit or simply being entrusted by the creditor (either a financial or a bank), are activated in every way in order to recover the unpaid credit regularly . In these cases, if the first applicant cannot or does not want to pay off the outstanding debt, the guarantor will have to intervene to avoid any repercussions that could lead to the foreclosure of the income or other assets until the total credit is recovered.

The guarantor is in fact responsible for the entire sum still to be repaid to the financial company or bank, not to a party. In the event that the guarantor intervenes for a sum or for all the debts, it may take action against the applicant in order to obtain the repayment of the advanced credit.

Personal Payday Loan Guarantor: Can I release my signature from the loan?

Several of our readers ask us if they can ask for and obtain the release of their signature. Let’s analyze the two cases:

  1. financing in regular amortization : the possibilities in this case are greater, but logically the financial institution or the bank will try to keep its guarantees 100%, so it will not be easy and discounted to obtain the release. This possibility can be more concrete if the financing in question is near the end of the depreciation or if the applicant replaces the guarantor’s signature with an equally reliable third person. This condition could also be assessed if the applicant makes a sum of money available.
  2. financing with irregularities : in this case the possibilities are obviously reduced. The creditor, certain of the difficulties in regular repayment, will try to keep all his securities. He could accept if the guarantor offered a sum, even partial, to pay off the debt. This can occur when a debt that has not been paid for a long time, and therefore technically against debts / suffering, also creates difficulties for the creditor or when he has transferred the contract to a debt collection company. The guarantor can offer a lower sum than the residual debt, proposing a firm and written offer.

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