Loans without payroll: The latest online offers of 2017

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If you are looking for a loan for those without payroll or for those who are unemployed or precarious, you are in the right guide: here you can find all the best online commercial offers dedicated to the world of loans granted to subjects who are without payroll or any other guarantee given that, following the severe economic crisis that has characterized the last few years, it has become much more complex to be able to gain the trust of the bank and the credit system without offering real and solid guarantees in exchange.

While in a recent past substantial sums could be obtained with considerable ease, today the scenario has completely changed and is extremely characterized by employment and macroeconomic uncertainties. For those who are not in possession of a paycheck or cud for freelancers or pension slip, it can offer credit intermediaries additional guarantees such as having a rental property : this alternative form of “income” could be positively assessed by the bank, it will be it is sufficient to show the rental contract and provide an account statement showing the regular payment of the rent by the tenant. Another alternative to quickly obtaining loans without payroll may be to provide a financial income as a guarantee. 

Getting a Loan without payroll

Getting a Loan without payroll

No Payroll Loans is one of the main financial companies able to offer its customers loans without pay, these are absolutely transparent and competitive products that are imposed on the credit market as an interesting opportunity for consumer credit, dedicated to all those who do not they have a capacity to produce steady income over time.

Those interested in this type of loan have at their disposal personal financing of a specific type or not, revolving cards, loans to employees, salary-backed loans, delegated loans. An interesting product to consider is the flexible personal loan which allows you to change the installment amount in progress or to skip the monthly payment, in case of economic difficulty.

Option 1: Online Loans without payroll

Offer 1: Online Loans without payroll

Both for those who are current account holders and those who are not, if you are an account holder, opt for the Online Loan as you can apply for your loan with a 100% online process with Digital Signature. Everything without moving from home through the use of a PC or a PDA, log in to the reserved area, access the Financing section, find the solution that best suits your needs with the calculation simulator, fill out the application by entering your data and you will have an immediate feasibility answer.

Option 2: Loans without payroll


Few credit institutions able to meet the financing requirements for all those who do not have a pay slip and need liquidity to meet unexpected expenses or to finance projects. The personal loan provided allows you to carry out your most important projects or even small ones: you can request a minimum of € 3,000 up to € 30,000 with a duration from 36 months up to a maximum of 84 months .

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