Loans for pensioners

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If you are a pensioner and need a loan to finance an unexpected expense or to face a purchase in complete tranquility, use the loan designed for you; numerous credit institutions, financial companies and able to offer a varied range of interest-rate credit offers and with an absolutely customizable amortization plan based on various personal and financial needs.

Moreover, if you are a former pensioner and you need financing, the best solution is to contact the social security institution, which proposes numerous forms of personal loan capable of satisfying all economic needs and all types of financial requirements, always identifying the method of return of capital and the best amortization plan that best suits the needs of the subscriber. loans are a form of financing that work in commercial practice in a manner identical to other types of loan available on the credit market:

Loans for pensioners

Loans for pensioners

The year 2017 does not present any particular novelties regarding the regulation of loans and salary-backed loans for pensioners, except for some variation in interest rates . In addition to the social security institutions themselves, there are numerous banks and credit institutions that offer dedicated, affordable and accessible solutions for pensioners.

Unfortunately, not all pensioners can access a loan since the essential priority is to overcome the minimum treatment , the minimum necessary amount which is considered useful to guarantee a dignified and decent life for the citizen. In Italy, the minimum pension is around € 501.38 and it is clear and natural that such a small amount cannot be loaned or even transferred as a fifth. It is understandable how, the more the pension is conspicuous, the more it is possible to easily opt for the loan extension.

It is obvious that for those who receive a good pension, they can opt for additional forms of loan that are more onerous, such as the life loan, dedicated to those who own real estate and can have a maximum amount up to 350.00 or without repaying installments and interest in the short term after the loan expires, remaining the property owner. 

Retired loans provided

Retired loans provided

Loans can be requested only and exclusively by employees, former employees and retirees of the Public Administration , enrolled in the Management of social credit services, and who during the course of their service have paid contributions to the national pension institution.

Furthermore, in order to obtain any type of loan it is not only necessary to have the economic requirements that guarantee the regular repayment in installments of the capital disbursed but it is also necessary to be in possession of personal requirements , which can be ascribed below:

  • age between 18 and 70,
  • residence in the Italian territory.

As established and established by the Regulation published on the institutional website of the social security institution the contractual conditions and the criteria for accessing the products made available to employees and retirees serving within the Public Administration are established.

With regard to the destination of the service , the members of the Unitary Management of the credit and social services who have four years of seniority useful to achieve any retirement benefits, as well as four years of contribution payment to the aforementioned unitary Management can access the service .

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